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JC Candanedo

Artist statement

In my practice, I am interested in what it means to be human; what is our connection to the rest of humanity? What are our individual, and collective, rights? What is our relationship with the bodies that we inhabit, and how is this relationship influenced by the world around us?

With this work, I want to start conversations around queer identity and mental health issues, forcing the viewer to reflect on where these both intersect. From body dysmorphia, to toxic gender norms, the subjects in these portraits confirm, with their stories, that being ourselves in today’s society can be an act of defiance.

Artist Biography

JC Candanedo is a queer migrant and visual artist that uses photography to explore human rights, mental health and identity. Born in Panama, to a family of Catalan immigrants, JC moved to Europe in his early 20s to reconnect with his family roots. Currently living in London, JC hopes his work will make the world a better place.

To see more of JC Candanedo's work, visit his website: or socials: Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn: @jccandanedo


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