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In the Crossfire

In The Crossfire explores how war, displacement and migration - either as topics that artists investigate or as lived experiences affect art practices.  The exhibition showcases works created in direct response to the war in Ukraine and more prolonged conflicts such as in Israel / Palestine, the war in Afghanistan and further back in history - the legacies of colonialism. 

It surveys various artistic practices, from studio-based work to outdoor installations and interventions, collaborative and participatory work with communities and individuals affected by war, occupation and displacement due to political, social, economic or environmental conditions. 

The exhibition was created through an open call advertised on various social media platforms, online community groups and art charities that work on these issues. The online exhibition is an extended version of the physical exhibition and includes a third of the artists that applied via the open call. 

We want to thank Platforma Art+Refugees, Refugee Week UK, Colonnade House Worthing and prideART Berlin for their help in the open call, for the Jubilee Library and the BMECP Brighton for hosting the exhibition and for the  Chalk Cliff Trust for funding the exhibition. 

The exhibition for Refugee Week at the Jubilee Library, Brighton, will include interactive elements, and the visitors' contributions will be posted on our social media. 

We encourage you to visit it and learn more about those issues by visiting the Refugee Council’s website.

To view more works by the artists, please click on the images below. 

The exhibition was supported by
The Chalk Cliff Trust
& Brighton & Hove Libraries

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