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Our Heavy Heads a solo exhibition by Nisha Whittingham

Celebrating Black History Month at the Jubilee Library, Brighton.


Nisha Whittingham, an early career mixed-race artist explores emotions and lived experiences of intersectionality through poetry and paintings. 


Our Heavy Heads. Reading and Q&A event.

Sunday 22nd October 12-12.30pm

Jubilee Library, Foyer

Join us for a celebration of the Our Heavy Heads book and exhibition.

Nisha Whittingham is a London/Brighton based author/ artist, her works are driven by a passion for accessibility in the creative field, as well as a passion for diversifying the world of abstract art. 

Nisha uses facets of her identity and lived experiences, ranging from joy to despair, confusion and clarity, and interpreting this into the breaking down of shape and colour within her art; deconstructing how we view our humanness, and how we work with getting to understand the self over the course of our lives.

Our Heavy Heads is the marrying of the worlds of art and poetry, an experimental piece to explore how the two could be viewed as one entity as well as being viewed as separate interpretations, this encouraged me to view this intangible 3rd space, a world where both meet, but in a world of their own. Both poetry and paintings explore the self, queerness, race and its multitude of diversions into smaller subject matters that can be found loosely dangling in the words, shapes and colours that follow in this anthology.

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