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We The Human
A Quiet Blue Wall

A Not-For-Profit project by The Head Of A Pin C.I.C.


A Social Engagement Art Project.

Warning Sensitivity: Suicide Prevention Project

Someone, somewhere, or maybe even yourself, needs a quiet acknowledgement that struggles with emotional and mental health are 99.9% of the time born from complexities of how society is structured. 

This is a project for all abilities, including the very new to painting. On a 30 x 30 cm canvas board, using only White and Prussian Blue oil paint, create a painting of your face in any style, and submit it to arrive by the 16th of December, 2022 for a gallery exhibition at ONCA Gallery Brighton, or before February 1st 2023, to be part of a further photographic series.


This is a collaborative artwork aiming to lower the number of suicides through the use of the Cultural and Creative sectors. The work aims to run until 2030  when it will be archived.


If the subject matter of this project is one you care about, please act on it and email Laura Mohapi!


We The Human: A Quiet Blue Wall is supported by @onca_arts  and @phakama_uk


In collaboration with

@SEAS_Brighton / @bmecp_centre @opencollegearts /@The Head Of A Pin C.I.C.

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