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What are the experiences of migration and settlement of migrants who belong to the
LGBTQAI+ community and who have decided to make Sussex their home? And what are
their thoughts about home and belonging?

This exhibition presents the artwork created by Sussex-based migrants who belong to the
LGBTQAI+ community. They were asked to visualise where and what home is; who is part
of it; and the obstacles they have faced in their migration journey to make a home in Sussex.

Curated collaboratively by Dr Sarah Scuzzarello (University of Sussex) and Dr Gil Mualem
Doron (The Socially Engaged Art Salon - SEAS CIC), the exhibition wants to bring further
nuances to how this group of migrants strive to create a “good” life in the UK – one that
provides sufficient recognition for their gender and sexual identities while confronted by
racist, sexist and homophobic prejudice. The result is art pieces that illustrate the
participants’ experiences of walking on the tightrope between belonging and exclusion, safety and vulnerability, home and away.

This exhibition is part of a larger project led by Dr Scuzzarello and funded by the University
of Sussex on experiences of migration and
 settlement of LGBTQAI+ migrants to the UK.

To view the exhibition zine please see below or click here.  

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