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Eva Marschan-Hayes

Artist statement

This project is a collaboration between Lex Titterington, a non-binary performance artist, and myself. Lex has been awarded funding from the Arts Council for a project on gender, body, trauma, and healing. In 2013, I became aware that I have a transgender daughter, who is now in a relationship with a non-binary partner, so I have had a long-standing interest in gender, where I have worked with the transgender community.

The project explores themes around gender, body, and processing trauma, focusing on Lex’s lived experiences. The images are a portrayal of their struggles as well as ways of coping and healing.

All articles, including masks, the wooden spine and the puppet, have been created by Lex.

Artist Biography

Eva Marschan-Hayes is a Sussex-based photographic artist interested in exploring human experiences. She creates images that inspire the imagination, touching on emotions, memory, and spirituality. She has been exhibiting in the UK and Europe, and has been included in various publications. More recently, she has used her camera to portray the experiences of a non-binary person; work that she intends to develop, and expand, further.

To view more of Eva Marschan-Hayes' work, please use the links below.

Socials: Instagram: @evas.poetic.imagery


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