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Fern Cooke

Artist Statement

I'm a queer artist and photographer based in Manchester. My work has involved me using my body as a canvas to explore themes of dysphoria, consent and self image. This project has been incredibly valuable for me over lockdown to help me better connect with myself, but also with a wider community of people. As Covid restrictions ease, I hope to expand this project where I can photograph others in my community, with different bodies and feelings other than my own.

Artist Biography

Fern Cooke is a multidisciplinary artist based in Manchester. Her work spans a variety of media, from textile banners through to photography, illustration and fashion; the common thread linking her practice together, however, lies in a passion for social change. Identifying as queer, Fern explore her feelings around gender and sexuality through her practice.

For more of Fern Cooke's work, you can visit her website: or Instagram: @ferncooke


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