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The Fabulous Josh

Artist Statement

“Peasant Portraits” are wrapped in melancholia; it’s the essence of feeling backwards, the trigger from the assumed progress of smaller groups and communities, when the reality of that is much more insidious and difficult. Linearity does not exist for the clown; it will always be viewed as the common representation of how we do not want to live our lives rather than an equitable position.

The clown is the bridge between the spectator and the performer on the precipice of being able to make light of a situation to the melancholic and reflective notion of its observations. ‘clown’ translates into ‘the fool’ and as in tarot we start a new journey, which could/could not be prosperous.

Artist Biography

The Fabulous Josh is a council estate queer clown exploring this through a variety of mediums.

To view more of their work, visit:

Socials: Instagram: @joshisfab


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