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Cay (K.)

Artist Statement

Activism is more of a necessity when you are a trans and queer in Ukraine. Our existence is already considered an “attack” by society. We often write “be queer do crime” because if being a queer person is considered a crime, then we accept this role and are, therefore, going to remain being unapologetically ourselves.

In a society that demonizes you, accepting yourself means rejecting society.


Cay (or K.) is a non-binary queer person living in Kyiv, Ukraine. With their activism, they intend to reclaim their right to the city, attempting to make it more comfortable for other queer people. They lie to employers that they are a “responsible worker”, so they can afford to pay their rent, but also to aid their activism, such as printing queer stickers, to ultimately dismantle capitalism.

For more of their work, visit their Instagram: @rebel_queers


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