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O. Yemi Tubi (MOYAT)

Artist Statement

"I am a Nigerian born, American trained Artist, currently residing in United Kingdom as an artist with creative and unique personal style. I do paintings in acrylic and watercolour but my favoured medium is oil paints. Most of my recent paintings were influenced by political and social upheaval of our world today and the works of the Renaissance artists. My works progress from political paintings to paintings of the facts of life of people. The theme of my works in general is "The Facts of Life: Roses and Thorns." Life is roses and thorns; sometimes it emanates sweet aroma of pleasantness and sometimes it pricks and causes pains. I often use Roses and Thorns for portrait paintings of the facts of life of people. I first used Roses and Thorns in my political painting -“THE BLEEDING ROSES”, since then I adopted Roses and Thorns as my own unique style."

Artist Biography

O. Yemi’s work was awarded 1st Place (Best in Show) winner by Tall Sequoia Gallery, Toronto Canada in 2020. His works are one of the top 25 in the Fine Art category of Creative Quarterly Magazine and awarded 100 Best Annual 2019 Fine Arts Award Certificate. He works have been published in some Newspapers, Magazines, and art books. His works were published in 2019 ART Habens Art Review, Biennial Edition published in Issuu Vol. 49; 2019 MURZE Arts Magazine; Issue 4, January/February Issue 2019 and 2019 Quotes: Inspirational Quotations / Creative Responses’ book.


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