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Kevin McNulty

Artist Statement

"My grandad had a Bedford Rascal van, filled with pipes and a distinctive smell of melting flux. One day he said to me, as I complained about my job at the time "if you don't like it, then don't do it" - as straight to the point as ever. However, this made me think....what do I want to do?

Einstein once said to fully understand something you should be able to explain it to a 6 year old. Using this mantra, I explore complex political and social issues to better my own understanding . With playful and engaging screen prints combined with oils sticks my work appears childish but it always has a mature narrative.

Supressing your thoughts and feelings isn't healthy, nor is it advised by the government. But what the fuck do they know? Letting my emotion and subconscious explode on to paper and canvas feels pretty good to me."

Artist Biography

Kevin McNulty is a York based artist who combines controlled and organic processes to produce child-like expressionism and blends it with a mature consciousness. Kevin mixes stencilled layers, mono printed mark making and spontaneous hand drawn images to create unique single edition prints. Using both imagery and primordial language. McNulty communicates his provocative messages through robotic figures to communicate his unfiltered ideas and emotion. Influenced by contemporary issues, McNulty's recent work tackles concepts around racism and austerity that asks the viewer to question their own actions and beliefs. -

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