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Theresa Easton- Artist of the Month

We are excited to announce our Artist of the Month for March is Theresa Easton. Now based in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Theresa Easton studied Printmaking & Painting at University of East London graduating in 1998 and completed an MA in Glass at the University of Sunderland in 2008. Printmaking has always been the focus in her work. Between 2001 – 2009, Easton was studio manager at Northern Print Studio (North Shields & Newcastle) before becoming fully self employed as a freelance artist. In 2014, together with a group of artists, Easton co-founded Artists Union England. Currently, community art projects and social engagement are a driving force in her work, influencing her studio practice.

Easton says: "Printmaking and artist’s books provide a platform for my interpretation of social history and cultural commentary. I am drawn to exploring contemporary cultural and historical episodes using a wide range of printing processes and artists book designs.

"As an artist with a socially engaged practice, I enjoy a collaborative approach to making artwork and developing ideas alongside participants. Zines play an important role in my community projects as well as my studio practice. The accessibility and low-cost production make it an egalitarian form of cultural production. More recently I have introduced letterpress printing and typesetting into my work. I like the direct historical connection with radical pamphleteers and broadsides. I am interested in pushing the boundaries with typesetting, blending different printing processes to achieve the desired result. Letterpress printing and covid-19 lockdown has resulted in collaborative print projects which I intend to continue and develop as part of my practice."

Easton sells her socially engaged zines, prints and notebooks from her online shop which can be accessed here. Or check out her blog, Instagram or Twitter.

There is still time to apply to be our Artist of the Month in April! If you sell your own socially engaged work online, you can apply here.


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