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Elise Mendelle

Artist Statement

An artist has a powerful creative voice and message; through my work I hope to communicate power through expression and create an understanding of what people go through on a day to day basis. You may think you know what someone is experiencing, but there is often something deeper that will emerge if you look further. This is an important lesson in terms of empathy and support in our modern world. Whether it's empowerment or encouragement, reflection or contemplation, my work is meant to create that connection between what's being seen in the image and what the viewer is feeling at that particular moment.

Artist Biography

Elise Mendelle aims at visually describing a thought, feeling or emotion so the viewer can explore and anticipate what comes next. Her popular social distancing series is a contemporary commentary that captures our new normal, when two metres apart is the way we can safely interact. The series explores the isolation we are experiencing in our current times, but are presented in an eye-catching, colourful way to add hope to the alienation and separation we are all feeling right now.


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