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David Westwood

Artist Statement

"I am a single gay man who has mental health problems. I suffer with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Depression and Anxiety. I turned to painting in 2013 when a 9-year relationship gay ended. My evenings became lonely, so I painted to fill an empty space. My disabilities give me the ability to visualise complex things. I paint what I feel about what I see rather than merely what I see."

Artist Biography

David Westwood is a self-taught artist and paints in the impressionist, naïve style. He began in watercolours and moved quickly to painting in oils and mixed media on canvas board. Westwood serves as a member of the Midland Paint Group. Having had some success with exhibiting his work nationally, David does both political based art and also, as he puts it, "art for the sake of being nothing more than pretty."


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