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WE ARE history

On show at

Jubilee Library: 31st January- 13th February 2022

About the Exhibition

We Are History exhibition showcases three of the biggest Prides in the UK and Europe: Brighton LGBTQ+ Pride,Trans Pride and Black Pride. Occupying different spaces and times, the photos are united in the understanding that Pride is essentially a protest and a social space that embodies the life experiences, struggles and desires of its participants. Whilst they also include skimpy underwear-clad dancing muscle boys on commercialized floats, that is a very tiny part of Pride’s story and history.  


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Pride 1973

Brighton’s very first Gay Pride Week took place 3-8 July 1973, organised by the Sussex Gay Liberation Front. On Saturday 7 July people marched from Norfolk Square, down to Embassy Court then along the Kings Road to the Old Ship Hotel. They gave out 2000 leaflets calling for an end to discrimination.


These images surfaced recently in the Argus Photographic Archive in a small brown packet of negatives with ‘Gay Lib March’ 8/7/73 written in blue biro on them. Viewing the images was like holding hands across time with those who were activists before us and re-opening long unspoken stories seen again in modern light.

Taken from the Gay Brighton Past exhibition.

tolu Elusade

Tolu Elusade (they/them) - is a 20 year old visual poet and storyteller who uses photography as a way to approach themes such as collective healing and joy.

To see more of their work please their Instagram: @toluelusade


Gil Mualem-Doron is an award-wining socially and politically engaged artist working in various media; primarily photography, digital art, installation and performance using participatory practices. His work investigates issues such as urban history, social justice, identity, transcultural aesthetics, migrations and displacement.


To see more of his work please visit our other exhibitions or his Instagram: @Gil_Mualem_Doron


Last Supper, 2019 by Terrell Villiers.jpeg


On show at

The Ledward Centre: 25th February- 29th April 2022

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