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Artist: Jovana Mladenovic

Do we give up or go? How do we change the world or just our reality? Can we change it alone, one by one? Or only as a community?

Stepping out of the comfort zone to fight for your truth. A mind that is curious and wants a change, but the pace of the society is troubling it.

Artist Bio

Jovana Mladenovic (1991) is an award winning photographer with a number of international publications. Recently she won a gold star award at the ND photography competition in the Portrait category and has participated in numerous group and solo exhibitions across Serbia and Europe.

Learning how to capture psychological portraits and understanding how people react when facing their fears is crucial in her personal projects. Jovana's work now explores brutalist architecture throughout contemporary photography. Her project “Monumental Fear ” is where she wanted to bring to life a part of history that seems forgotten, especially amongst the younger generation of people in Ex Yugoslavia, and along the way, inform people of such a turbulent time in her countries history.

You can view more of Joanna's work at


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