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Panic Attack

A Short Experimental by Khaled Alwarea

Racing images and visual elements distort reality and embody the surreal, taking the viewer into a visceral manifestation of a Panic Attack, through a deformed chronological trip of its disturbing stages. With an abstract plot and minimal dialogue, the symbolic struggle between the victim and the captor emerges, demonstrating a first-hand mental experience of a Syrian-regime detainee.

The film questions the paradigm of modern humanity and it's most basic of values; drawing criticism from the violence experienced within the detention center on the entirety of the human civilization and its nature.

Panic Attack, an urgent short experimental film, documents an element of the filmmaker’s existential crisis created by his incarceration, within one of the infamous Syrian-regime secret service detention centers for practicing basic forms of freedom of expression; denouncing the regime.

Artist Bio

Khaled ِAlwarea (1988) is a Syrian Architect and multidisciplinary artist based in Paris. His work takes multiple forms including scenography, installation art, visual art, filmmaking, and architecture. He participated in several collaborations, workshops and seminars globally, exhibiting his work in places such as “Walker Art Center” Minneapolis, USA and “Cité Internationale des Arts” Paris, France, and he was invited by the Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm to showcase his work and give a workshop starting from the question of the aesthetics of dignity materialised in the editing of images and sound for postgraduate participants.

He is a film enthusiast and has made several short films and videos; his short film PANIK ATTACK was awarded and selected in many international film festivals. Khaled was awarded writing and directing residencies through his first feature LIMINAL that he is currently working on.

​In 2014 Khaled founded UVLAB design studio where he realised many projects in alternative architecture and stage design in major music festivals globally.


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