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In Despair There is Hope

Artist: Paul Calcutt

A Message From the Artist:

This image was borne from a personal experience which is ongoing. I caught my own gaze in a reflection and thought to myself, those are the saddest eyes I had never seen. The solid column of brick wall on the left represents the seemingly insurmountable barrier of a situation. The dense intense darkness shows the hopeless feeling of being in that situation. The eyes show humanity and wisdom, which aren't enough to prevent the situation. The light source brings the butterfly into sharp focus which represents hope, and life which is present in everything, we just need to see it and feel it".Supplied framed with a certificate of authenticity.

I have been working as a freelance ceramics and glass restorer since being professionally trained in the early 1990's. As such, i have carried out projects for The British Museum, The Metropolitan Museum of Art NYC, Glasgow Museums, The Conservation Centre, Salisbury and The National Palace Museum, Taiwan.

I decided to re utilise my skills accumulated over several decades and apply them to canvas. My influences are many and varied from Pop Art to Surrealism, Abstract, Expressionism to Impressionism. I adore exploring and trying out new things with acrylic medium and find the process therapeutic (as I have chronic and complex PTSD) and very satisfying, I hope this is reflected in my work.

You can view more of Paul's work at


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