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Noraa James

Love in Primary

Love in Primary

Love in Blue, Love in Yellow, And Love in Red

In Love in Primary, a triptych of embracing figures, I intended to portray moments of intimacy and interconnectedness through friendship and solidarity. This togetherness is catalyzed from a personal longing to see and experience the physical touch and connection that has become endangered due to some secondary symptoms of the COVID-19 pandemic like isolation, alienation, distrust and neurosis.

Artist Biography

Aaron Mosby is a visual artist under the pseudonym, Noraa James, from Norfolk, Virginia and presently based in Athens, Georgia. Working with traditional painting, digital painting, photography and graphic design as his primary mediums, his present work is an exploration in the sublimity of the deeply melanated being and the literal resemblances between dark skin and the night sky. These figures are portrayed as ancestors of extraterrestrial origin and cosmic proportion through their relation to other celestial bodies, that they are both an authority and embodiment of. In all of his art, he creates portrayals of Black people with a divine sense of esteem, mythos and golden touch to increase the positive representations of melanin and to celebrate deeply pigmented individuals who have historically been targets of contemptuous perception.

You can view more of this artist's work via their social @noraa.james.



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