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Curator Spotlight: Ricardo Reveron Blanco

Born in Lanzarote, Spain, Ricardo Reverón Blanco is a freelance curator, writer and arts workshop facilitator. His curatorial practice centres around the ways in which research and knowledge manifest as a conglomeration of textual, visual and performative (un)learning processes.

Having graduated from The University of Sussex with a First Class degree in English Literature and a MA Distinction in Art History & Museum Curating, Ricardo now works for Fabrica Art Gallery, Photoworks, young writing centre Little Green Pig and SEAS. Previous work includes positions at the Attenborough Centre for the Creative Arts, Diep-Haven and The De La Warr Pavilion.

Additionally, his independent endeavours place him as one of four co-founders at UnderExposed, a platform dedicated to encouraging artistic collaboration. He is also the sole founder and Director of The Poetic Muse, a newly formed space for poetry enthusiasts to share sources of inspiration.

Ricardo’s writing has been published in the Photoworks Annual, Illagrypho Press, Typical Girls, The Fabric of Us and Tough Cookie. In 2019, he was also invited to be on an expert discussion panel for the event ‘Who is Taking Care of the Artists’.

You can view more of Ricardo's work at



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