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Windrush Presence – Artists’ Presentations

Segments from the artists’ presentations

Windrush Presence Exhibition at SEAS – Socially Engaged Art Salon Opening event Saturday, October 12th 3-6pm 12/10 – 12/11 open every weekday & Saturdays 11:00 -17:00 BMECP/SEAS 10/a Fleet St. Brighton BN1 4ZE

Windrush Presence depicts the contribution of the Windrush generation to the UK and the experiences of Afro-Caribbeans from the first Windrush arrivals in 1948 to today. The works in the exhibition include digital art, video installation, photography, films and textile works. The opening of the exhibition on October 12th, from 3 to 6 pm, will include a tour of the exhibition with the participating artists; a talk by Dr. Michael McMillan about his book and exhibition The Front Room which documents the living rooms of the Windrush generation (previously exhibited at Geffrye Museum); a presentation by the curator Bolanle Tajudeen about the impact of the Windrush generation on British Art; and a conversation with the photographer Mal Woolford and his neighbour Charlotte Woolford who have found that their ancestors share a dark past. Supported by Royal Pavilion & Museums’ BME Heritage Network, Brighton & Hove City Council, The Art Council, the BMECP.

Curator: Dr Gil Mualem-Doron


  • Akila Richards, Poet / Barrel (a participatory art project and a room installation)

  • Alan Compton, Photographer / ‘Unheard Voices’ (photography project)

  • Bolanle Tajudeen, Curator / The impact of Windrush generation on British Art (a talk)

  • Dawes Gray, Artist / Welcome (drawings)

  • Edi Jay Mandala, Artist / The UnBIGOTten (A graphic novel)

  • Gabrielle Raven Bourn, Artist / London Rain (mixed media painting)

  • Grant Lambie, Artist / Road Map of Kenya (mixed media collage)

  • John Titi, Story Teller / The Journey

  • Josef Cabey, Artist / Windrush Doranne’s Series (digital paintings)

  • Judith Ricketts, Artist / Son of Canaan (Photography series)

  • Katy Beinart & Kate Theophilus, Artists / Brixton Conversations (a short film)

  • Linett Kamala, Artist / State of Education – (painting series)

  • Dr. Michael McMillan, Lecturer, curator, artist / The Front Room (photography research & book)

  • Mal Woolford: Photographer (with Charlotte Woolford) / Touching Distance (Photography)

  • River Sweeney, performer and visual artist / The Factory (a video installation)

  • Sabine Kaner, Artist / Hold on to colour (textile work)

  • Suchitra Chatterjee, Writer and artist, Now and Then (mix media collage)

  • Tony Kalume: Artist / Celebrating African & Caribbeans in Sussex past and present: the lives of Dr. Cuthbert Williams & Shirley Williams (a short film)


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