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Mask Making Workshop with Mandy Sweats at The Ledward Centre Saturday, 11/03 at 11am - 1pm

Mask 4 Mask (mask making & character creation) with Mandy Sweats

This Saturday, March 11, 2023 at 11am - 1pm, inside the @theledwardcentre gallery

Mandy Sweats, a cheap and trashy abomination and club terroriser, will be facilitating a mask-making and character design workshop with their assistant, Alfie Sheppard. Sheppard.

Mandy is notable for cat-walking in their monstrous across the clubs and alleyways of Brighton. They will walk you towards unlocking your inner demons and actualise a character in the form of a mask made from trash to take home on a private playdate.

There is no expectation of creating a finished work or performing, but there will be an opportunity to play.

Activities include:

· An intro from the artist taking you through their work, practice and creations

· Group exercises to explore the process of creating a character

· A walk through the process of making a mask out of junk modelling

· The goal is to facilitate a space to have fun and let loose

· Participants will have an opportunity to make, present and perform (performing is completely optional)

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