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A film on work and pensions by Stephan Pierre Mitchell

Artist Bio & Statement:

Stephan Pierre Mitchell is a London based Actor and Film Director, trained at The Royal Central School of Speech & Drama (BA Hons) & MA Screen at Drama Centre London. His the director of DELETED he also directed last year his first music video and currently working on his first narrative short. In his words words he describes his films as chicken soups that touched people souls. He also added that his films is about sparking changes in the society. He recalls his experience with a homeless man he meet on tube a moment he never forgets.

After having a chat with the young man, he took Stephan’s hand and thank him for looking into his and told him people don’t do that anymore. That inspired Stephan to film Mr. Ahmed in such a way that people will pay attention and listen for once to our must vulnerable people of our society which we ignore like they don’t exist. In his words “to me this film was not give perfect pictures but finding ways to look into his eyes, to understand, to investigate his body language almost like health assessment. I wanted to step away from the role of the director and let Mr. Ahmed be at the centre of this film. I think this film is more than just the bureaucracy by the Department for Work and Pension. I think the rejection from family government, health, and mental capacity to think is part of why we have so much homelessness.“ Stephan Pierre Mitchell.

Stills & Promotional Content from the film

Stephan continues to tackle other important issues in his next film which is set to be released next year.

You can view more of his work via his socials on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


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