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Decorating the Cuts

Artist: Sabrine Kaner

This piece highlights and expresses the artists' personal experiences of self-harm, a subject which is hard to articulate and full of unresolved emotions.

Through artistic expression the narrative is more manageable and allows time to make sense of this complex issue, helping to nurture a form of acceptance.

She uses repurposed clothing textiles and stitch which have a personal attachment. Re-designing them into a composition that is imaginary, symbolic, and abstract. Kaner has deliberately chosen the colour red to stand out on a black background. With self-harm there is always the danger of death. The two colours interact with each other, the red standing out in front representing life, leaving the black background behind representing death. The patterns represent the transformation of the cuts and a turning point.

About the Artist

Sabrine Kaner is a mixed media abstract artist working with print, paint and textiles combining them using a layered process. She deconstructs clothing using the different parts, which become integral to her art's composition. Narrative that influences her work is mental health, the human condition and socio-political issues.

Kaner grew up in London went to St Martins, Manchester and Central Schools of Art, studying Fine Art Print. Having a long break from exhibiting to have a family, she also became a carer for elderly parents. As a mature student, she studied social sciences, mental health and post grad art therapy.

In recent years, Kaner has re-established her practice as an artist. This year having an open studio and have since been selected for fine art textile groups, such as @prism and will be exhibiting at Whitechapel gallery, 2020.

Currently, she is the leading artist on a Caribbean community project in Nottingham, sponsored by the @NAE.


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