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SEAS-SAN talks: Decolonising Art & Culture: Unlearning and Relearning through creative practice

It is more necessary than ever for social artists to address the legacy of colonialism and racism within cultural spaces and explore how art can be used as a tool of education and reparation. In this meeting the we will be discussing how social practice can be used to create and reframe art and culture beyond the white gaze.

Sofia Yala (she/her) Sofia Yala is a Visual Artist based in England and Portugal. Sofia’s practice is focused on collective memory, archives and the decolonization of narratives and history. The vast majority of her current work can be attributed to self-directed learning and experimentation. Recently she participated in the series of workshops “Activating our Archives: Community Dialogues”, which was run in collaboration with Fusion Arts Oxford. This project was crucial for her skill for emphasizing the skill of exploring her family archives and sharing these identities through photography, storytelling and digital archiving. Cristina Morales (she/her) Cristina Morales is a London-based Spanish cultural activist, known for her interdisciplinary blend of socially engaged curatorship, writing and art. With a background in socio-cultural anthropology and a creative and decolonial approach to activism, Cristina is the founding curator of the first decolonial thinktank mapping Cultural Activism worldwide, Counterspace. She is the founding artist of the Situationist brand of political designs and performances Totem Taboo. And she writes periodically on Decoloniality and counter-narratives, on Social Practice Art and Cultural Activism, and on African and African diaspora arts & culture, published by national, international and specialised media such as the Institute of Contemporary Arts (London); El Mundo (Madrid); Humanities, Arts & Society (Paris); A Beautiful Resistance (Seattle); Inhabit (Paris); Ouvrage (Montreal); Wiriko (Barcelona); and Radio Africa (Barcelona). Agenda 17:50 Zoom open to registered participants 18:00 Greetings, guidelines and introductions 18:10 Presentations & Q&A 19:00 Discuss & Exchange (smaller groups / breakout rooms) 19:20 Group feedback 19:40 Closing Event image credit: Playing with Visual Fragments (2020), Sofia Yala Rodrigues


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