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Creepy Crawly Head

An exploration of acrylic and oil pastels on paper in the comfort of blankets

Artist: Paula De Sousa

A message from the artist:

"I am a mixed media artist predominantly using acrylic and oil pastels in a sgraffito style. I work on paper because I prefer its smooth surface which feels more suited to manipulation. I also like that it is accessible.

Most of my work displays themes of resilience, vulnerability, connection, breakdown, recovery and power. I am also interested in expressing vulnerability, in-visibility and perceived beauty and imperfections.

This particular painting is about the feeling of restlessness and disturbance that anxiety can induce. An itch you can't quite reach and get relief from. A constant movement of thoughts."

You can view more of Paula's work at

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Unknown member
Oct 09, 2021

Thannks for writing

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