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Open Call: Covid-19 / Lockdown | Exhibition

Call for artworks created during Covid-19 Pandemic for a digital exhibition at the SEAS (Socially Engaged Art Salon). This exhibition will explore the pandemic and implications of the lockdown and social distancing through an intersection of political, social and psychological contexts.

We are especially interested in artworks that explore the following themes:

  • Impacts on well-being, mental health, personal coping mechanisms and changes to our day-to-day lives; chronicles, journals and visual diaries.

  • Changes in art practices.

  • Socio-political and economic angles: Inequalities this period has exposed, surveillance, disaster-capitalism, home and shelter. 

  • Impacts on migrants and undocumented persons.

  • Positive outcomes (for example digital inclusion, reimagining new futures, paradigm shifts, collective thinking and solidarities).

We will also review any other artworks created as a result of COVID-19 that fall outside of the areas highlighted above.

All artwork will need to be provided in a digital format.


2D works only - due to limitations of digital spaces. Photography, video, digital art, new media, good quality images of drawings/paintings.

Application and the exhibition at SEAS is free. 

Please apply here:


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