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Artist: Rosa-Maria Nuutinen

17.9.2019 (2019) is part of an ongoing series of works taking inspiration from Nuutinen’s daily life and personal struggles. The piece is a multi-self-portrait, depicting Nuutinen with her private mental health condition, mid purge. Her body is contorted and accompanied by a number of objects that facilitate this weekly ritual.

About the Artist

Rosa-Maria Nuutinen (b. 1992 in Hämeenlinna, Finland) is a London based artist working with a predominantly drawing based practice, concerned by ideas surrounding the post-human condition and how, in the future, humans will no longer be present but will leave behind an irreversible mark on our planet. Concepts such as cyborg bodies and biotechnology are present within the work, as Nuutinen is interested by the idea that humans, in order to maintain our current life style, rely heavily on technology in order to survive, creating complex technological mechanisms to continue living.


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