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About the Exhibition

About the Exhibition

Taking Judith Butler’s essay ‘The Force of Fantasy: Feminism, Mapplethorpe, and Discursive Excess’ as a starting point, this exhibition proposes that fantasy is a powerful tool to not only imagine alternative futures but to manifest them by looking beyond convention.


The Force of Fantasy will enter the extraordinary as a means to open up dialogues about gender, race, class, and critique our pervasive social hierarchy. Are you prepared to look beyond convention with us?

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About the Curator

Ricardo Reverón Blanco is a freelance curator, writer and arts workshop facilitator. He is the founder of The Poetic Muse and a co-founder of UnderExposed.


His curatorial practice centres around the ways in which research and knowledge manifest as a conglomeration of textual, visual and performative (un)learning processes


We Get By With A Little Help From Our Friends

This event was made possible with help from the following organiztions

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Could You Spare Us A Coffee?

Here at SEAS, we do what we love because we love what we do. Over half of the time we put into making our social change oriented exhibitions happens on a volunteer basis and we could always use your support. 

That's why we're asking you for your support. Your donation, in the size of the price of a cupa or more could really help us go a long way and keep bring you the art that you love. Click on the button below to help us do just that. 

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