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My Hero Sarah Hegazi


Sarah Hegazi (Arabic: سارة حجازي; 1989 – 14 June 2020), was an Egyptian socialist, writer, and lesbian activist. She was arrested, imprisoned and tortured in Egypt for three months after flying a rainbow flag at a Mashrou' Leila concert in 2017 in Cairo. Hegazi lived with PTSD resulting from the prison torture she had experienced in Egypt. She was granted asylum in Canada, living there until her death.


The exhibition features a photo of a mural created in her honour in Brighton in 2021 and includes  words she wrote on a note that found after her death: “ To the world. You were cruel, but I forgive you”. The mural project was organised by the Egyptian researcher and activist in exile Sara Alsherif.

The mural to Sarah Hegazi is located at York Grove, Brighton, BN1 3TT.


The exhibition also includes illustrated texts from Sarah’s prison diary written as a serries of letter to her friends. The project is created by creative activists and more about it and Sarah Hegazi life can be seen on and on Instagram: @pride.for.sarah.hegazi

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