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Doing it for our selves
Pierre-Yves Monnerville

Pierre-Yves Monnerville (he/him) is a designer and photographer
exploring how urban living, loneliness, identity, body image and
mental health in general affect men. Coming across Mapplethorpe’s
Black Book at 15 inspired him to become a photographer.

Instagram: @studiopm

About the work:
“Doing it for Ourselves” is an ongoing photographic project
paying tribute to QTIPOC individuals who are helping the
larger community. It’s also meant as a message of hope.As
bad as current events are looking now, these people
overcame remarkable adversity so I find their achievements
and legacy inspiring and motivating to keep going regardless
of what’s happening in the world .The work consists of a
series of portraits and short interviews where each person
answers the same three questions:
1. What made you start?
2. How much change have you noticed since you’ve
3. What’s next for you and/or your initiative?

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