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Welcome to Athens (2018)


'First, they commissioned it and then they banned it. This is the tourism advert the Greek National Tourism Organisation doesn't want you to see. Recently hacked from the government database we give you Athens as you deserve it.

This short film explores my hometown and country as seen through the eyes of touristic stereotypes. Tourism being our main industry in Greece is a major force in shaping our national identity, especially when examining our place in the world. As with a lot of my work, this film is more of a pastiche which celebrates, rather than a parody which tends to mock the work it imitates.'

About the Artist

Menelas is an Athens based pornographer and curator. He likes the simple aesthetics and sensuality of everyday life and dry humour. He curates the almost annual exhibition ‘Civil Disobedience’ in Athens and ‘Satyrs and Maenads: the Athens Porn Film Festival’.

You can find more of his work through;



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