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We are Family: In conversation with the curator II (17th March)

In Conversation is an opportunity to hear from three of the artists in We are Family, a group exhibition of digital photography and illustration for LGBTQ+ History Month- hear from the artists and curators.

Pierre-Yves Monnerville, (Ashton Attz) & Terrell Villiers will be in conversation with Pacheanne Anderson where they will be discussing themes surrounding the methods the artists use to create and channel the identities of their subjects through the photos as well as queer utopias they imagine through photography and digital illustration. The event will be held downstairs in The Ledward Centre as well as streamed online. Thursday 17th March, 6pm-7.30pm Ashton Attz (they/them) - is a 23 year old painter and illustrator whose work inspires visibility through themes of LGBTQ+ advocacy, music and mental health. It’s bright and joyful and provides different queer stories of people internationally.

Terrell Villiers (they/them) - is a self taught digital illustrator based in Miami. He creates black queer utopias in his work that explore a neo-futuristic world where black queer life is protected and preserved.

Pierre Monnerville (he/him) - is a photographer who grew up between Paris and Martinique, a French island in the Caribbean. Always wanting to live abroad, he moved to Berlin, then London before settling in Brighton where he works as a photographer and designer. His latest project is a minimalist and ethical menswear label.

Find out more about the exhibition, We are Family, here. Image Credit: Ashton Attz, Through My Eyes


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