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We are family- About the Exhibition

As far as time goes back, family and community have been a firm part of queer culture. Whilst many of us face physical, mental and emotional challenges engaging with society on a daily basis at all ages, the collective experience of existing as a black, POC queer and/or trans person in 2022 still remains complex.

As laws change in and against our favour, impacting the way our families, friends and colleagues interact with us due to our persons being previously invisible, we are now taking control of our own existences and making ourselves visible on a larger scale. We are able to connect with each other, speak and exist loudly through music, technology and of course art.

With the support of The Ledward Centre, Brighton, SEAS is collaborating with art curator, writer and art consultant Pacheanne Anderson, to exhibit digital artists for LGBTQ+ History Month. The exhibition aims to depict imagery of queer relationships and interactions in different parts of the queer world centring family and kinship. These representations can include images from nightlife, domestic life and celebratory but political instances such as Pride. With a focus on kinship, collective care and community support, the works selected aim to show the audience brief snippets of what family looks like in our everyday lives.

Including established and emerging artists such as Ashton Attz, Bernice Mulenga and Terrell Villiers, this exhibition uses photography and illustration to provide fresh, young and bold interpretations of what it means to choose and belong to a community that is actively supportive. Brighton-based artist Josef Cabey will be responding to archival images which contain images from Brighton Pride celebrations in the 70s.

We will also be showing digital, figurative drawings as well as documented photographs to fill gaps of knowledge about LGBTQ+ history as well as providing a diverse representation of queer communities of colour by artists living and working in current times.

The exhibition features Ashton Attz, Bernice Mulenga, Gil Mualem-Doron, Josef Cabey, Moses Kamanga, Tolu Elusade, Pierre Monnerville, Terrell Villiers and Queer King of Diamonds.

The exhibition can be viewed in The Ledward Centre from 18th February- Friday 29th April 2022.

Find out more about the events associated with this exhibition here.

We are History, a prelude to the main exhibition is on show in the Jubilee Library from 31st January- 13th February 2022 and Conversations, a solo exhibition by Josef Cabey is on at the BMECP from 1st February- 1st March.

We are hosting a variety of events in association with the exhibition- please visit our events page for more details.


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