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The Soup - Maja Spasova

Soup is a simple ancient dish that can be created from any ingredient and can be found in almost any culture; it is eaten by the rich and the poor alike, it is eaten from a young age, for nourishment and comfort, until death – it is a dish that represents diversity.

The artist Maja Spasova, who took the Socially Engaged Art Salon (SEAS) first artist residency in 2021, will present her project ‘The Soup’ in collaboration with Blast Theory.

Inspired by artworks such as ‘Two Old Men Eating Soup’ by Goya, ‘The Potato Eaters’ by Van Gogh, and ‘The Dining Room’ by Raoul Marek, ‘The Soup’ belongs to Maja's wider-project series, ‘Hunger’. A series of participatory works employing different media and formats, ‘Hunger’ explores the deprivation of food, undernourishment and deficiencies in nutrients in a contemporary context.

During December, Maja will be serving soup whilst having conversations with others, in a purpose-built installation at SEAS’s studio at the BMECP Centre. The project aims to connect diverse, but often disconnected, communities that the BMECP serves by “souping up” SEAS’ studio which has been underused since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. The “soup up” room installation at SEAS’ studio will include projections and sound and will be used as the stage for filming and photography of visitors who would like to partake in Maja’s project. If you would like to take part in the project please email Maja at

You are welcome to join Maja’s artist’s talk and for a free soup dinner on Tuesday, December 21st, 17:30-19:30 at the Rose Room downstairs in the BMECP. The event is free but please register here online or at the reception if you would like to join.

To view Maja's work please see:


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