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Sisters Uncut

Kill the Bill

Kill the Bill

The Posters and flyers on this page can be downloaded, printed and distributed. For higher resolution posters and more campaign materials please visit the Sisters Uncut website. Sisters Uncut provides these materials for campaigning against the new Policing Bill which threatens protest rights in the UK.

Artist Biography

Sisters Uncut collective is an intersectional feminist direct-action collective of of Woman identifying persons and non-binary people .The group main activity is campaigning against domestic abuse, for better domestic violence services, and other related issues. As a collective Sister Uncut has no leaders and no hierarchy. The group decisions are made by a process called consensus decision making, which gives every member of the group an equal say and tries to make sure everyone is happy with the action the group takes. For more information on consensus, see here:

Sisters Uncut has groups in many cities across the UK which usually meet weekly. To join an existing group or create a new one see Sisters Uncut's website or Facebook.



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