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I created everything out of spontaneous nature. All my work is done with an intuitive and naive approach. I never work with concepts. When I style I use random materials that I find and try to put an outfit together. I do the styling and the photography by myself. I use my friends as models and my approach is an anti-fashion style. I have been in a couple of publications with my styling work such as King Kong, DAZED, BRUTO35928, YEAR ZERO and COEVIL MAGAZINE.

Artist Biography

My name is l'enfant I’m a contemporary artist living in Berlin. I started my career 5 years ago in London. I decided to start my utopia in the UK since I was given the opportunity to move there and start this project, ‘l’enfant’. In the beginning I didn’t really know where to start or how to start. I started with graffiti and physical installations I glued on the walls of London. Later, I included photography and then the styling came naturally. I am currently working in 8 different mediums. I don’t want to limit myself with ‘l’enfant’ and decided not to put myself in a box. Instead, I represent as an artist all fields that I work in: paintings, styling photography, installations, music, video. After exploring my art style and evolving my utopia I decided to move to Berlin. Brexit and the pandemic forced me to change my life again.

You can view more of this artist's work on his Instagram.



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