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'The Face of the Other' exhibition launch

8th May, 6-7:30pm, via Zoom.

This exhibition starts with an invitation - an invitation to face an Other without seeing. To welcome an Other without knowing. Because the face of the Other always hides. It is a mask that conceals the irreducible difference or Otherness. This mask, with neither an invitation nor with intention, shelters us from infinite alterity. As such, the face of the Other is invariably related to hospitality and to inclusion that in fact derives from radical Otherness.

The works presented in this exhibition present two different approaches to the issue of visibility: one that uses visibility to make one's identity or certain issues visible, to amplify voices and as a tool of protest. Other works, sometimes even for the same ends, use masquerade, concealment and defacement or do away entirely with the visual and use audio and texts. These works highlight social and political issues and yet others question the politics of visibility itself.

The launch event will include short presentations from some of the contributing artists and curator as well as the chance to ask questions and meet the artists.

Tickets are free, with an option of donation, and can be bought here.

Image credit: Gil Mualem-Doron


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