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Daniel Whiffen



The film is a direct reflection of how strongly I feel about the issue of systemic racism and

was spearheaded by the truly tragic murder of George Floyd. The film features appearances

from some of my friends and family from not only different cultural and ethnic backgrounds

but also from different parts of the world, with the aim of showing that it is possible to be

unified as one race, the human race, and come together no matter where we may be from,

to fight and unite against racism. The film was directed, voiced, and edited by me, with the

gestures from each featured person aligning with the rest to symbolise our togetherness

and collectiveness against the issue of racism, and to also show that no matter the colour of

your skin, where you may be from or the beliefs you may hold, racism is NOT acceptable

and is a battle that can only be won as one.

Artist Biography

Daniel Whiffen is a 26-year-old male from South East London of Irish, Spanish/Moroccan and Jamaican descent. He is currently a University student at The Open University studying BSc Mathematics and a part-time short film maker/Instagram content creator.

You can view more of this artist's work via his social media.



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