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Rochelle Shicoff

In this painting series, The Stories Inside, Palestinian Women Challenging Israeli Soldiers, Palestinian women are shown as courageous, sometimes defiant in the face of stoic Israeli soldiers. The work celebrates Palestinian women in their struggle for justice and demonstrates their resistance and resilience. Included are images of angels who act as protecting forces.

This work depicts the Palestinian response to the conflict. I do not show the suffering of Israelis as a result of this perpetual war. My hope is that this series invites the viewer into a world that provides answers but also engenders thoughtful discussion.

Artist's Bio

Rochelle Shicoff’s paintings are exhibited nationally and internationally.

She was the recipient of the Rome Prize Fellowship in Painting.

During that fellowship year, while painting in Italy, Rochelle also travelled throughout Europe and the Middle East, photographing the architecture, landscape, and historical sites.

Rochelle's artistic career includes a Fulbright nomination, numerous community grants, New York and Massachusetts Foundation grants, and various Residencies. She is currently a member of Gallery A-3 in Amherst, MA.

​She co-authored The Mural Book: A Practical Guide for Educators, an engaging and useful text written specifically for K-12 teachers, and published by Crystal Productions.

​Rochelle Shicoff's public art works can be viewed in New York City, Florida, Georgia, Massachusetts and Mexico.

Instagram: @rochelleshicoff


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