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Simon Olmetti

Artist statement

With my art practice, I attempt to queer nature, particularly using alternative spirituality. For centuries, questions of nature (and natural spaces) have been used against queerness, idealising nature as a heteronormative space. With my work, ‘Queer Rocks’, I transform natural objects into alien, unnatural, camp subjects, to reclaim natural spaces; “sowing” colourful markers to create a sort of “queer land”. These rocks become magical talismans, reverberating queer energy, albeit in their ephemeral, transient state.

Artist biography

Simon Olmetti is an Italian artist based in London, currently on a practice-based PhD in Fine Arts at the University for the Creative Arts. He gained an MA in Fine Art Photography from the University of Westminster, and studied painting and performance at various institutions, including Central Saint Martins and L.A.D.A.. Simon’s work has been shown in several exhibitions, including the Brighton Photo Fringe, and he has participated in two art residencies in Wales and Brighton.

You can view more of his work via the links below.

Socials: Instagram: @simonolmetti


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