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Sharon Kilgannon

Artist Statement

I photograph daily and enjoy documenting the world and people around me. As a queer photographer, I am passionate about documenting my community. I started out photographing queer clubs and events. Some of the work exhibited here is from my archive of Trans Pride Brighton photos, a queer event in Brighton that I’ve documented since its inception back in 2013. I am now mainly working on documenting queer people, couples, and families.

I’ve included some portraits of my latest project ‘Brighton Queer’ which explores a diverse range of people, how they identify and express themselves. The purpose of this project is to promote understanding of queer lives, journeys and to highlight the unapologetic complexities of what it means to be queer.

Artist Biography

Sharon Kilgannon is an independent, Brighton-based photographer with over 10 years of experience. Working not only commercially with charities and media-based companies, Sharon’s personal documentary projects have been published in many print and digital publications, such as Vogue, Vice, and The Advocate.

You can find more of their work on Instagram: @alonglines


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