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Sarah Connell


Artist statement

“Perennial” is a botanical study completed during the Covid-19 lockdown. I created negatives from specimens I collected during my morning walks. Unable to access my usual darkroom, I utilised my negative scanner to examine the individual specimens photographically, resulting in a resolved body of work containing over 600 images. The series harnesses light to reveal the specimen’s hidden truth as incredible geometric patterns where shapes emerge from the darkness.

As nature emerges from the shadows, the series provides the audience with a contemplative space to question their relationship with nature and the natural world that has been overlooked.

Artist biography

Sarah Connell is a traditional, analogue photographer who completed an MA in Photography at Manchester School of Art in 2017. Recent exhibitions include: In the Open, Rydale Museum & Gallery (2021); Air Open, Air Gallery, Altrincham (2021); Leeds Summer Group Show, Leeds (2021); Warrington Contemporary Arts Festival, Warrington Museum & Art Gallery (2020).

You can find more of Sarah Connell's work below.

Socials: Instagram: @always.analogue


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