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Jon Eland

Artist Statement

The 'Veiled' project investigates how male-identifying queer people find it necessary or important to adopt a veil or filter to enable them to integrate within their communities and society at large. Elements of this ongoing project have been exhibited or published in Leeds Pride (2014, UK), Louisville Photo Biennial (2015, USA), Mascular Magazine, Leeds Revisited (2014, Dortmund - Germany), HE: Questioning and Queering “Masculinity” (2017, Los Angeles). Johann has been involved and exhibited with international queer creative communities for over a decade including Balaclava Q, (We Are) Obscured, Gay Photographers Network and Civil Disobedience.

Artist Biography

I am a queer-identifying creative (gay / male presenting) who has spent much of the last 20 years considering (through photography and other media) how my identify is affected by the interaction between my sexuality, gender and personal philosophy and that of the communities and wider society I inhabit. I consider my practice as collaborative with those in the images.

You can find more of this artist's work online here.


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