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Chris Jepson

About the Project

The IDENTITY Project by photographer Chris Jepson, is an exploration of what it means to identify as a member of the LGBTQ+ community today.

The series of black and white portraits presents the diverse faces of LGBTQ+ people from myriad walks of life across the globe, challenging stereotypes, reframing assumptions and dispelling the myths of perceived identity. The images are presented on a neutral background in black and white, encouraging the viewer to engage with the sitter not their environment or accessories. All families have disagreements and moments of discord, and the rainbow family is no exception. This project hopes to show that our rich diversity is our greatest strength.

Artist Biography

Chris Jepson is a professional portrait, lifestyle and documentary photographer living in London. Perfectly at home in the studio or on location, he has photographed everyone from top pop stars and Hollywood actors to Prime Ministers, Princesses, athletes and religious leaders as well as aspiring models and professional business people in the work place.

He is a photojournalist member of the National Union of Journalists "NUJ" and an Associate of the Royal Photographic Society "ARPS".

You can find more of his work through his website, Instagram or Twitter.


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