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Youcef Hadjazi

Queer Journeys / United Queerdome zine

Queer Journeys / United Queerdome zine

Queer Journeys was created by Youcef Hadjazi and 7 collaborators through a series of creative zine-making workshops aimed at LGBTQ+ migrants based in the UK, to explore and illustrate queer migrant journeys. The workshops created a space for queer stories to exist and to be initiated by their narrators, preserving authenticity and rawness while raising awareness on LGBTQ+ immigration.

Scroll through the gallery below to see the full zine.

Age guidance 18+

Lead Artist: Youcef Hadjazi

Graphic Designer: Mohammad Al Marouf (Managing Director of Poixel)

Participants:CHEMA DIAZ, Cristián Iturriaga, Iré, kevanté a.c. cash, Nico Carmandaye, Rey C and Tayeb Kerdee


Journeys Festival International

Homotopia Festival

About the Artist

Youcef Hadjazi is a queer visual artist and producer whose artistic practice spans across lens-based media and performance while exploring multidisciplinary possibilities. Based between London and Manchester, his work tends to explore and deconstruct the different interpretations of societal notions within the context of the Diasporic and queer identities, while propelling the perception of social behaviour as a colonial product. Hadjazi previously collaborated with P21 Gallery, SomoS Berlin, Manchester International Festival, Live Art Development Agency (London), HOME Manchester and Liverpool Arab Arts Festival.

You can see more of their work here: or through Instagram or Twitter.



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