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G20 Queeruption

G20 Queeruption

Queeruption (a compound of queer and eruption) was an annual international queercore festival and gathering which ran from 1998 until 2010 (with the exception of Budapest 2019) where alternative/ radical/ disenfranchised queers could exchange information, network, organize, inspire and get inspired, self-represent, and challenge mainstream society with do-it-yourself (DIY) ideas and ethics. Shows featured queer punk bands, performance artists, and other entertainment at night, while workshops and demonstrations took place during the daytime.

Queeruption was closely linked to the global justice movement of the early 2000s. The organisational tactics of Queeruption events also were inspired by the Italian centri sociali [community centres squats]. Apart from the organizational strategies and the actions, Brown, in their book Mutinous Eruptions: Autonomous Spaces of Radical Queer Activism, argued that “identity issues were debated, while topics such as islamophobia and racism were at the frontline of the discussions”.

Queeruption generally took place in a different city in a different country every year. It has contributed to anarcho-queer (queer anarchist) movements.The groups that organize each event and even within the same city may have disagreements about how aspects should represent politics including queer safe spaces.

From their 2003 announcement: "Queeruption is non-commercial! Queeruption is Do-it-Yourself! We draw no line between organisers and participants. We seek to provide a framework (space, co-ordination) which you can fill with your ideas. It will include workshops, music, demonstrations, film, art, performances, (sex) parties, picnics, games and any other activities your feel like trying! What is queeruption? What is queer culture? For expression and exploration of identity. Climbing over the artificial boundaries of sexuality, gender, nation, class! Against racism, capitalism, patriarchy and binary gender repression."

The film, G20 QUEERUPTION features a coalition of queer activists who set the bar high by organising an impressive display of creative resistance on the second day of the G20 rebellions. The groups cooked up a stew of gay struggles with migrant rights and poverty issues all wrapped up in a delicious anti-colonial, anti-capitalist tortilla.



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