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Ophelia Alldaye

The Streets Speak for Themselves

The Streets Speak for Themselves

'Brighton is considered to be one of the street art capitals, here you’ll find murals created by Banksy, Snug, Aroe and Odisy.

And if you pay attention, the streets of Brighton will show you the next Banksy, the new up-and-coming artists, right in front of you.

This exhibition showcases art that was on the streets of Brighton during a year of lockdowns, elbow bumps and a rise in police brutality.

It shows what is on the minds of those who feel they aren't being heard in 'traditional' routes of the art world.

They are found on lamp posts, walls, crossings, in doorways and at vigils, all in the most obvious of places and yet most remain unseen, unread and unheard.

Artists and activists design, create and distribute these pieces only for them to not be seen 99% of the time.

They talk of what the people are sometimes too scared to say in public - anonymity can help with that.

From capitalism to mental health, Black Lives Matter to environmentalism, you will see what the people are really talking about on the streets.

It's the news I prefer to read.'

About the Artist

Artist, Activist, Witch, Trans, NB, Autistic and proud! 🖤

Living with EDS, POTS, PTSD, Fibromyalgia, Rayaud's, Bruxism, Dysautonomia ...

This bio could be filled with just the acronyms they live with alone!

You can discover more of their work through Instagram (@thechroniccreator and @opheliatitsalldaye), Tiktok (@opheliatitsalldaye) or their website.



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