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Leonie Bellini



The short film ‘Sunday’ imagines a future, or perhaps an alternative present, one that is warm and comfortable and hopeful. A world where everyone can walk the streets safely, wake up rested with someone they love, and where Couch to 5k isn’t the catch-all NHS prescription for depression. Taking its tone from relaxation/ASMR-style videos and jarring this with painful glimpses of harassment or sickness, it reads as both hard-hitting and personally therapeutic. The film’s visuals are bright, sun-drenched and calming, layering keyholes into a blissful day-off. This future seems dreamily possible.

*content warning*: implied/mention of misogyny/queerphobic violence, illness

Artist statement

Leonie Bellini is an artist and writer from London, currently studying BA Fine Art in Newcastle, UK. Their work contemplates love, intimacy, and care, through video, poetry, print, zines, and more, and has recently been exhibited in Grrrl Zine, The Star and Shadow, and Oddball Space, amongst others. They can be found on Instagram @teenpeachmovie.



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