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Helen Grundy

Sugar And Spice And All Things Nice (2021)

Sugar And Spice And All Things Nice (2021)

'Part of a series of digital collages called Modified Anatomies. Here I have reimagined the female reproductive system and replaced the medical names for the body with playful labels. Our bodies belong to us and we can decide how we want to talk about them.'

Sensitive Hair (2021)

'Here I am playfully criticising how women are judged because of their body hair. Why is some hair acceptable and other hair, seen as unattractive and something to feel ashamed about.'

Warring Women

'Here I have taken the familiar matriarchal battle seen in soap operas. In this space women are shown as antagonistic towards each other and all it does is prop up patriarchy as women are seen as out of control. I have ridiculed the scene, adding warheads, landmines and guns.

About the Artist

Grundy makes unusual objects and intentional collages. She makes work that is playful and uses humour to make a serious point. She is currently working with collage more, because she wants to be mindful of ecological sustainability with her art practice. Collage is the ultimate artform for recycling and repurposing.

You can discover more of her work here.


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